• Museo della Stampa di Fivizzano, esterno del Palazzo Fantoni
  • Museo della Stampa di Fivizzano, antico libro
  • Museo della Stampa di Fivizzano, loggia esterna
  • Museo della Stampa di Fivizzano, interno con macchine da scirvere
Museo della Stampa

Palazzo Fantoni Bononi, Via Labindo 6,  Fivizzano

phone. +39 0585 942152
Email: info@comune.fivizzano.ms.it
Web: www.comune.fivizzano.ms.it:

Located in the beautiful residential palace Palazzo Fantoni-Bononi (Fivizzano, Ms), the Print Museum is dedicated to typographer “Jacopo da Fivizzano”, who printed books using the first Italian movable type printing press, long before it reached many of the larger European capitals. The Museum also documents the invention made by Fivizzano-born Emanuele Maucci, who opened his own printing house in Barcelona with branches throughout South America. Finally, it is also the seat of a reconstructed antique typography, which recalls the glorious efforts by Bartoli & C., active for decades in Fivizzano during the 19th century.
In today’s digital era, the Museum not only represents an ode to the roots and origins of written communication, but also a fascinating challenge celebrating the virtues of the book.