• Museo Diocesano di Pontremoli, interno
  • Museo Diocesano di Pontremoli, interno
  • Museo Diocesano di Pontremoli, esterno
  • Museo Diocesano di Pontremoli, interno
  • Museo Diocesano di Pontremoli, quadro
Museo Diocesano di Pontremoli

Piazza del Duomo – Pontremoli.

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The Diocesan Museum is located in Piazza Duomo, at the very heart of the historic centre of Pontremoli. Inaugurated in 2009, it is housed within the Episcopal Palace (Palazzo vescovile) that for two centuries was the residence of the Archbishops of Pontremoli.
The Museum collects a vast array of historical and religious artefacts from the upper Lunigiana territory, using re-enactments, plasters and three-dimensional replicas along with other tools to trace a picture of the most noteworthy moments in the history of Christian faith, from its dawning to the events of the Pontremoli Diocese between the 18th and 20th centuries.
The viewing itinerary is divided in two sections: the first is devoted to the Middle Ages, illustrating the most significant themes linked to this long and fascinating period – from the original Christianisation of the Magra Valley (and the controversial relationship between Christians and Pagan worshippers, linked to the Stele Statues) to the development of the ancient Luni Diocese and of the parish church system; from the artistic expressions of the Lunigiana Romanic movement to the role of the Via Francigena within the territory, symbolised by the famous 12th century labyrinth.
The Museum’s second section is more specifically devoted to sacred art, recounting the events pertaining to the history of the Pontremoli diocese and illustrating (through liturgical items, shrines, paintings and statues) the tales, prayers and religious traditions of upper Lunigiana.