• Museo del lavoro
Museo del Lavoro

Via Buca, 9 – Loc. Equi Terme – Fivizzano

CEA Lunigiana Sostenibile – Mobile. 338 5814482
segreteria@lunigianasostenibile.it – www.lunigianasostenibile.it
website: www.grottediequi.it

The museum is now transformed into the DIGITAL MUSEUM OF LOCAL CULTURE and is inside the Equi Terme Cave Park

Old location text:

The Museum of Labour, located in the Lucido Valley (Monzone) and named for the great Carrara-born photographer “Ilario Bessi”, focuses on the valley’s labourers, displaying objects, photographs and videos documenting the nature and historic and cultural effects of the transition from an economy based on farming to the modern industry-driven production system. The Lucido Valley has indeed been characterised by a different form of industrial development compared to the rest of Lunigiana, thanks to the presence of marble and quartzite quarries, brick and mortar kilns, sawmills and hydro-electric power plants used in industrial processes. The Museum also houses a model of the “Balzone” cableway, an exceptional structure built to move marble slabs from Mount Sagro to the nearby Vinca and Monzone valleys. The Museum is therefore a “memory bank” defending and passing down the identity of labour in the past.